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Approving Time

Above is an example of what you might see when you first enter the department screen.
  • By default only Unapproved Students are displayed. | red arrow
  • The total number of signed and unapproved entries are displayed next to each student. | blue arrow
  • To approve the students time, click on the student's name. | green arrow

Above is a sample student once expanded
  • Green arrow | This is the students information, if the student has multiple positions (as show above) they will be listed separately as they enter and sign their time in the respective positions.
  • Red arrow | Signed time is displayed in bold text.
  • Purple arrow | Unsigned time is displayed normally. Students MUST sign their time be paid. Timekeepers cannot sign time; therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to sign their entries to be paid.
  • Blue arrow | You can select a subset of entries (such as just signed time) or all entries, quickly with these links.
  • Brown arrow | Click this Approve button to approve the selected entries.

Adding Time

  • Red arrow | Choose the correct student from the dropdown.
  • Purple arrow | Choose the date by selecting this field. A calendar will pop up, and you can then select the date you wish.
  • Blue arrow | Choose a starting time.
  • Green arrow | Choose the end time.
  • Save the entry.
    • You will need to go back to the Time Approval tab to approve the newly entered time.
    • The student will still need to sign the time to be paid.
      Students are emailed when time is added, so they will be notified that you have entered time for them.


  • Blue arrow | Select the student and the pay period you wish to see. Click View, then the timesheet from that period will be displayed.
  • Purple arrow | Click Display All to view hours from other departments the student may work.
  • Red arrow | Displays the total hours for the student for the period selected.
  • Green arrow | What this means is that time was entered, signed, or approved after time was sent to the payroll system (the afternoon of the Monday after pay day). Therefore, the student was paid in a different period than which they'd normally be paid.


  • Red arrow | Enter a title and some text you wish to enter.
  • Green arrow | Choose the date you would like the entry to expire, or disappear from the student's screen.
  • Blue arrow |Once saved, the message will be displayed below and may be edited or deleted from here at any time.
  • The student will see the message on the home screen below any "important messages" payroll may post.


  • Blue arrow | Choose either a list of students, who will be populated into the textbox below, or choose a specific student to email.
  • You can add additional email addresses to the list. Separate users with a semi-colon, not a comma. (e.g.;; etc...)
  • NOTE: Any message sent to more than one user will be CC'ed to the Payroll department.


  • Use the reports screen to manage your student hours.
  • The Unsigned, Approved Hours Report has the ability to delete hours. You can use this report to delete old hours your students haven't signed. If the student can no longer sign the time, but should be paid, please contact your payroll office, as they are the only users who can sign for the student.

Submit Terminated Users

  • When you first enter this screen, you will see a link to load the student list. Once you click the link, you'll see your screen similar to the above screenshot.
  • Using the checkboxes to the left, you can select the students you are requesting to be terminated in payroll. You may add notes by click the Add note... link.
  • NOTE: Submitting requests does not guarantee or imply that they will be terminated. Please contact the payroll department if you have any questions.