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eTime Help - Signing Time

Signing Time

  1. Select the entries you wish to sign.
    Hint: To select all, or unsigned entries, just click on one of the links in the Select bar.
  2. Click Sign.
  3. A box with a set of random letters and numbers will appear and act as an electronic signature. By entering the text, you are agreeing that the time you entered is correct.
    HINT: The letters will automatically appear in uppercase as you type.
  4. Click the Sign button to finish signing your time.

Common Problems

  • Why did I get the error "Some entries were NOT signed because they are more than XX days in the future."?
    Your payroll administrator has set it so that you cannot enter time beyond XX days. Copying allows you to add time beyond this specified date, so instead you will not be able to sign your time until this date has passed.
    (e.g. If it is May 1, and you can add time 3 days into the future, you cannot sign any time after May 4).
  • Why did I get "The code you typed does not match the code in the image."?
    Because you mistyped the code. Please re-click the Sign button and try again. A different code will be displayed each time you try.