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eTime Help - Previous Timesheets

Previous Timesheets

  • Let's break out the past timesheet into 4 areas:
    1. Yellow - Dropdown allowing you to select any of the past pay periods you worked.
    2. Red - If there is an entry missing and you were sure it was there before, you can check this box and it will display all the deleted entries for that pay period.
    3. Blue - This is all the time that was entered in the period. You may notice that this user has "Entries in red". This is because the student neglected to sign their time and therefore wasn't paid for the time until it is both signed and approved. Sign your time as soon as you finish working those hours!
    4. Green - This section will display the hours that were paid in that pay period to your paycheck. If the numbers don't match the above hours, that's because time wasn't signed or approved before payroll was processed that period.

      e.g. The student finally signed the time for 9/13 on 10/18, which mean that they were paid on 11/4. Don't want to be paid late? Get your time in ON TIME!
      You'll also notice that on that date, there is a new icon next to the time showing that the time paid in that date didn't come from that pay period.