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eTime Help - Copying Time

Copying Time

  1. First enter the first entry you want to copy.
  2. Click the checkbox next to that entry, and then click Copy.
  3. Choose the other days of the week you want to copy this time to.
  4. The entries have now been copied to your timesheet.

Common Problems

  • I got an error when selecting multiple entries to copy.
    You cannot copy multiple entries at the same time. You will need to select them one at a time to copy.
  • I copied time, and now when I try to sign it all it gives me is the error "Some entries were NOT signed because they are more than XX days in the future."!
    Your payroll administrator has set it so that you cannot enter time beyond XX days. Copying allows you to add time beyond this specified date, so instead you will not be able to sign your time until this date has passed.
    (E.g. If it is May 1, and you can add time 3 days into the future, you cannot sign any time after May 4).
  • I got a message saying there were "Error(s) found!". Why?
    The screen should be descriptive enough to explain the errors, which include:
    • Time conflict - You already have hours entered for the time period you are copying time to.
    • Time overage - You have exceeded the maximum hours for the day/week set by the Payroll Administrator.
  • Why did I get "You may only copy entries in the current pay period."?
    Because time can only be entered in the current pay period, copying time in previous pay periods is not allowed.
  • What does "The end date for this job is set to expire this pay period. You cannot copy time." mean?
    Your position is set to be terminated at some point this pay period. Since the copy function does not know what dates are unavailable, any position set to expire is not allowed to be copied.